16 March 2012

Victoria needs more infrastructure spending, says Elizabeth Proust

THE chair of the Bank of Melbourne, Elizabeth Proust, has dramatically inserted herself into the debate around the Baillieu Government’s economic leadership, arguing the State Government is not investing enough in Victoria's infrastructure.

Here's links to the media coverage of her comments:

The Australian: 'More Infrastructure spending needed'

ABC Online news: Government criticised for slow decision making

The Age: Instead of looking back, let's move forward

The Age's Tim Colbatch says: "The government should get on the front foot, admit the problem, and change policies to tackle it. Former Premier's Department head Elizabeth Proust suggests it bring forward infrastructure investment as a stimulus. That's good advice."

What do you think? Are you 'joining the dots' between the Auditor Generals report, the recent rail studies and business leaders calling for infrastructure action?

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