02 May 2012

Public transport left behind

‘It’s a sad fact that the best thing for public transport in this state budget is a shuttle bus to Monash University,’ says Metropolitan Transport Forum Chair, Cr Tom Melican.
‘As oil prices rise, congestion increases, population grows and the economy falters, we hoped that more efficient and sustainable transport would be a priority. But metropolitan public transport has been left behind in this state budget.
‘Where is public transport to support the growth corridors, tram and bus priority, station amenity, real time information and ensuring the bus meets the train?
‘The budget papers anticipate increasing public transport use, particularly bus and tram, but there are no additional dollars for these services – just more overcrowding, congested routes and lack of services.
‘The new train at South Morang was full the day it opened, illustrating the pent-up demand in the growth corridors. 
‘Expanding services to growth areas needs to be a priority. If we can’t support growth areas, we can’t afford to let them grow.
‘Growth corridors don’t have to do without sewerage or power, or lobby for gas or water; surely public transport is just as vital to new communities?        
‘All projections point to a rapidly growing Melbourne, but where is the growing public transport to match?
‘This budget asks current public transport users to tolerate crowded, substandard conditions and those without public transport to wait indefinitely.’

What do you think? 

Read the Government's media release here

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