14 February 2010

What role did public transport issues play in the Altona result?

SUN 14 FEB: Despite a 12.3% swing against the government, Labor's Jill Hennessy will be the new member for the state district of Altona (taking over from former Minister for PT Lynne Kosky).

The media nominated law & order and public transport as the two major issues in the result. Congratulating Ms Hennessy on her victory, Premier Brumby said he would fast track public transport projects (Herald Sun 14 Feb).

What part did public transport issues play in the Altona result? What role will public transport play in the state-wide poll in November?

Have your say in the "What moves you, what moves your vote?" survey before 30 April - and we'll pass on your opinions to all the major parties before the November election.


steve said...

I read in the local paper that we are to get bus network improvements in Altona/ werribee. All sounds good until we get the detail. Its a planned roll out over 5 years! Whats more the over all service plan is for 12 years. Here and now there is no useful bus service and really we can have no expectation that we will see anything better in the near future. Its just not good enough. Its spin and announcements, nothing more

kaleidoscoper said...

You've got to feel sorry for people in outer suburbs who would use public transport if it was more reliable, but instead are forced to drive their cars because there is such limited access.
Urban planning, road congestion and our carbon footprint would all be better served by a wide-reaching network of trains, buses and trams that are sensibly designed and allow more people to take up the transport option!