16 February 2010

U18 voice: Public transport matters

Relying on buses, trains and trams to get around can be drag. There is always something to say when it comes to public transport. But when it comes to election time, and it’s time to vote, young people just don’t get a say. Public transport is on the agenda for the November state election and as some of the biggest users of public transport, people 18 years and under should get a say. pt4me2/u18 voice is giving young people this voice through a short survey. pt4me2 will be collating all the information received and presenting it to the major parties before the state election. pt4me2 is a project of 18 local councils; it is not affiliated with any political party and exists solely to work for better public transport. Speak up and have your say on public transport and be part of the democratic process. Just because you may not be able to vote doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have your ideas heard.

Visit pt4me2.org.au/u18 and be heard

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