20 January 2010

Did Kosky fight hard enough for pt?

19 Jan 2010. After four years as minister driving public transport , Lynne Kosky has opted for a new track - away from politics.

During her time in the hotseat public transport has emerged as a crucial issue for Melbournians - up there with health, education and policing. PT patronage is up, but so it over crowding. Private operators have changed, so too have the ticketing systems - although the jury is still out on Myki.

As Melbourne grows by about 1500 people each week, there is absolutely no doubt that public transport will need to accommodate more people in the future. But while the government looks to Melbourne at 5million, the public transport system seems to always lag behind the growth in demand.

Do you think that Ms Kosky fought hard enough for public transport?

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Andrew said...

Nice photo of Kosky. I really don't know if she fought hard for public transport, but it is as much about perception and I don't think she managed that well.