04 December 2012

Random samples of vote winning ideas from the mid-term PT survey

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to out mid-term PT survey. We've had 775 responses so far. The survey closes on 10 Dec, so there is still time to have your say - click here

Action about trucks is a popular promise
Here are a random selection of public transport promises that could attract your vote in 2014?
Buses co-ordinating with trains
A program to grade separating all existing railway crossings, corridor by corridor.
increasing train frequency
All night trains and trams to give transport access to those who can't afford cabs
Airport rail.
Support for community transport for those who are unable to use or access public transport.
The Truck Action Plan
Much more frequent, cheaper services
More direct bus routes
Extending suburban rail to new suburbs, like Aurora and the Point Cook area.
Making public transport precede development, not the other way around. 
Ensuring all stations are staffed from the first to last train
Improved access and safety for travellers with disabilities
New train stations in new areas eg, Mernda, new suburbs near Werribee.
Ensure good, timely bus transport.
More bus routes and more buses
Improving off-peak and weekend services
A committment to building no more freeways in Melbourne
Increased frequency of trains in peak hours to reduce over crowding
A train service to Airport.
More expresses on the Frankston line.   New trains on the Frankston line.  
Buying more trains and trams.

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