23 November 2012

Some random responses about the BEST of Baillieu so far

Here are some random responses to the survey question about the BEST thing done by the Baillieu govt so far ....

The shuttle bus between Monash and Huntingdale. 
Completing the South Morang line.
Waiting for an announcement. So no opinion.

Trains appear to be coming more frequently in the mornings.
New train station at Williams Landing - but it defeats the object if it is zone 2 as people will continue to drive to Laverton so roads still jammed
Reliability & punctuality seems to have improved.
The broad increase in the number of services (across the network) and frequency of trains on the Frankston line.
The 601 bus to Monash University
Doncaster rail study, however this is meaningless if the rail line doesn't go ahead
Improving safety on trains and train stations with extra staff

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