21 May 2012

Buses ease the squeeze on public transport

Latest transport figures point to increased bus travel. What more can be done to make buses more attractive to travellers? Better connections to trams and trains, more direct routes, greater frequency, how about more services for growth areas? What happened to the bus review conducted by the previous government?

Here's what the HERALD SUN reported recently:

COMMUTERS are getting back on buses in droves. The number of bus journeys increased by 15 per cent to more than 117 million last year, Public Transport Victoria research shows.
Transport bureaucrats attribute the extra 15.3 million bus rides to the introduction of new bus routes, upgraded existing routes and population and employment growth in outer suburbs.
PTV chief Ian Dobbs said the figures showed that strategic, integrated planning of the public transport network was delivering results.
"These figures show that when bus routes are well planned and cater to people's needs, people vote with their feet," he said. "More Melburnians than ever are choosing to get on the bus."
High-frequency bus routes 401 (connecting North Melbourne station to hospitals and Melbourne University) and 601 (connecting Huntingdale station with Monash University) had been a big success.
The services were responsible for 8 per cent of total growth in the 12 months to December. The State Government allocated $5.5 million in the 2012-13 Budget to extend the trial Route 601 express bus to Monash University to a permanent service.
More than 572.7 million trips were made on Melbourne's trains, trams and buses last year, up 4.7 per cent on the previous year.
Tram patronage had grown 6.5 per cent to 187.7 million trips.

How could buses be better in your area?

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