01 March 2012

Read the Auditor-General’s Public Transport Performance report

Here is a link to the Auditor-General's report on public transport

The Auditor General’s report is really worth looking at. It gives a clinical, comprehensive, fearless yet authoritative analysis of public transport planning, funding and delivery. It’s very refreshing to read in the age of spin.

The report assessed effective delivery by determining how well agencies had met the Transport Integration Act’s public transport objectives of:

> meeting public transport users’ needs by providing convenient, reliable, secure, comfortable and understandable services

> delivering a coordinated system where train, tram, bus and coach services worked as a single, joined-up system

>contributing to a more sustainable state by growing public transport’s share of journeys and improving environmental performance

>improving access to public transport for people with a disability by removing the barriers that prevent them from using public transport.

What's your comment on the AGs report? What should the State Government do?

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