06 July 2011

Ideas for better stations - hot off the survey!

Here are some of the ideas for better stations from our mobile survey

Royal Park Timetables to and from this station to the city/Upfield should be on pasted up on BOTH sides of all stations, not just the timetables going one way. Sometimes you want to look at trains to go home on. No room for more comments.

Box Hill Four platforms in two island arrangement. Toilets on platform, emergency exits.

Footscray A bridge that works.

Footscray A bridge that works and shelter.

Rushall A feeling of isolation once it becomes dark and hence a sense of being vulnerable, if you are a woman and/or an old person.

Armadale A functioning EFTPOS card reader on the ticket machine.

Watsonia A heated waiting room - the current one is very cold. Also important to me is an improved passenger information service - the times till departure displayed by the LED displays are unreliable.

Clifton Hill A Parkiteer bike shed would be very welcome, as would bike parking on both sides of the station.

Pascoe Vale A pedestrian ramp over the rail line.

Reservoir A pedestrian underpass is needed.

Craigieburn A public phone.

Flemington Bridge Access from Racecourse Road.

North Richmond Access is poor, feels isolated and unsafe at night.

Coburg Access/egress from south end of platforms.

Caulfield Accurate announcements of arriving trains.

West Footscray Actually running trains through it! Or at least have the train replacement busses stop there reliably - no-one wants to go to Tottenham and back for the fun of it.

Coburg An overhead footpath bridge from the car park to the platform that goes to the city/

Oakleigh Another Myki recharging station.

Greensborough Another overpass to the car park.

Eltham Art on the walls rather than graffiti. a morning hose to get rid of the urine smell in the tunnel.

Watergardens As Bus transfer point it is totally unacceptable.

Williamstown North Beautification of the Station surrounds to better integrate with the neighbourhood.

Footscray Better access between platforms - stairs are poorly pitched (possibly outside design standards) dangerous. Toilets dodgy. Forget security guards with guns - what about a customer service presence on the platform, or selling good coffee & snacks.

Sandringham Better access from car park to platform.

Jewell Better access from the surrounding streets - better lighting

Footscray better access to platforms the stairs are too dangerous, more myki machines at other locations as it's hard to swipe on and off.

Hoppers Crossing Better access to timetables or LED timetables as well as functional clocks.

Tottenham Better amenity/landscaping- its ugly cold and windy, the 'landscaping' is dust and gravel. The underpass to access the station is narrow and covered in seeping groundwater water and litter. Only 1 loudspeaker works so you can't hear announcements.

Mentone Better aesthetically - the Friends of Mentone Railway station do a fantastic job of the gardens outside the train station, but the actual station itself is rather ordinary.

Syndal Better bicycle facilities/less car parking.

Watergardens Better bus interchange operation.

Belgrave Station Better connecting bus services, so I don't have to drive!

Newmarket Better customer information including PIDs.

Glen Iris Better information about available bus and tram connections. Less incline on the underpass.

Middle Footscray Better information about when trains are due/arriving. Ticket machines which accept notes and cards would be good.

West Footscray Better lighting - it's a dodgy station in a dodgy area.

East Camberwell Better lighting for the station approaches, one of which is through a dimly lit park.

Gardenvale Better lighting, more seating, timetable information and better integration of bus and rail.

Balaclava Better local amenity.

Tottenham Better speaker system - announcements can only be heard close to the station building. Also, better parking facilities needed on the Rupert Street side of the station.

Chelsea Train Station Better train info such as electronic updates. Current speaker is very insufficient.

South Yarra Better trained staff who can give accurate information and more accurate real time screen announcements.

Tottenham Better, safer pedestrian access from northern side.

Kooyong Bicycle cage that you could lock.

Merinda Park Bike locker not racks.

Moreland Bike racks with cover from the rain.

Mordialloc Bike Shed thing like Cheltenham has.

Riversdale Bridge to connect the platforms, or a safe crossing place near the platforms.

Footscray Bus interchange at station, paint job in waiting room, heated waiting room, wider gates for faster customer throughput, remove junk food from forecourt outlets

Preston Buses more often to match trains departures and arrivals in particular after 5 pm.

Jewell Car park is shared with a shared walkway/bike path, would be good to have some line markings or something to designate a 'footpath', keep pedestrians safe and out of the way of cars & bikes.

Ivanhoe Car park and surrounds need delittering. The squash courts on railway land are an eyesore. Get rid of them.

Watsonia Christmas decorations during Christmas. Also more security cameras.

Cheltenham Clean up graffiti, Platform 2's building is disgusting and dirty and needs to be cleaned up.

Elwood Clean up of graffiti on platforms.

Burnley Cleaning / painting of the pedestrian access tunnel.

Balaclava Clearer signage to the station, from the footpaths & remaining suitable access ramps.

Parliament Clearer viewing of screens with train info (currently behind poles) at Lonsdale St entrance. And get rid of the magpie that always swoops people at this entrance (Lonsdale/spring)!

Brunswick Commercial activity e.g. cafe.

Boronia Continuous veranda roofing to replace the existing gaps between sections.

Werribee Coordination of train and bus Services timetable.

Merri Create a community hub around the station which has great underused park next to it. It is a walk to station that could be a centre of local community life which would make travelling by train a lot safer and more appealing. i.e. would attract people and pa.

Seddon Creating a sense of community ownership with creative initiatives like displaying artwork or growing vegies on or near the station.

Tottenham Current car parking is in a muddy paddock. Needs asphalting and lighting. Ramps and walkway under bridge are 'scary'. I rarely use the station because of appalling conditions. This station would not be tolerated if it was in a more affluent area.

Hoppers Crossing Definitely more parking!

Flinders Street Departure platforms for a particular line often follow little logic No maps to major destinations. Very low standard of information for visitors to Melbourne

Mentone Disability access between buses and station is convoluted.

Essendon Don't sell drinks at the ticket window! I have missed trains because there's a queue of kids buying drinks, and I wanted a ticket that wasn't available from the machine - it is very frustrating!

Huntingdale Easier and safer access to the station.

Glen Huntly Easier, less congested access to/from station.

Anstey Electronic customer board blocking exit on Platform 2; more seats.

Highett Electronic display - next train details, updates, etc.

Moonee Ponds Electronic screens for the next trains instead of that lovely green button.

Narre Warren Electronic sign board, proper shelter for passengers.

Darebin Electronic sign providing real time information on next train.

Montmorency Electronic signage. Pa system that works reliably- it often breaks down and we get no info if train delays are occurring from neighbouring stations.

Brunswick Electronic signs.

Broadmeadows Enclosed waiting area.

Sandringham Enforcement of no smoking under covered areas, including out the front of the station where passengers wait to be picked up.

Footscray Escalators.

Footscray Escalators.

Pascoe Vale Feeder bus service so people don't need to drive and park - this station has no connecting bus service.

Balaclava General clean up & modernisation; cafe & newspaper stand.

Craigieburn Get rid of the graffiti. More transit police to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Laburnum Get rid of the new timetable so that more trains stop at the station.

Rosanna Get rid of the street level crossing.

Glen Iris Grading of ramp and surface of platform more even, and smooth.

Albion I have never see the toilets open. Dark and dingy subway access strewn with litter.

Burwood I would like the toilets to be open and to be able to buy V/Line tickets from staff. Security guards are a total waste of money as there are no safety problems at Burwood.

Jewell I’d like to see station beautification, in the form of plants. what about green roofs for our stations?

Watergardens If lift on Sydenham Road side is not working (which happens regularly) the is no access to the station for wheel chair bound passengers.

Springvale If the rail crossing was separated, allowing more space for pedestrians to move, and closer bus stops (just like the new Nunawading Station).

Laverton If you are in a wheelchair and the lifts are not working there is no way to get from one platform to another.

Macleod Improved toilet facilities, particularly the male ones, and better lighting on the nearby footpaths and bus stop.

Blackburn Improvement of underpass - always wet and yucky - maybe make a new overpass

Greensborough In its current location, another overpass to the car park. However the station should actually be relocated to underneath the shopping centre. Would cut time of an old circuitous route and revamp the community.

Armadale Indoor waiting areas.

Merlynston Integration with bus stops. Currently Bus 534 route bus stops on Merlyn & Lorensen st.s, disrupts local traffic, integrates poorly with Upfield train. These could be moved to an upgraded car park adjacent train line between Orvieto & Shorts roads.

Belgrave It always looks grimy.

Richmond It functions well, it's just so unappealing! Surroundings more than the actual platform. Also I would really like to see a pedestrian underpass from Swan St through to Stewart St on the eastern side of Punt Rd.

Sunshine It needs to be renovated and updated.

Elsternwick Keep the train tracks clear of rubbish.

South Kensington kiosk, better protection on the platforms from trains passing either side.

North Williamstown Landscaping of station surrounds.

Frankston Last year's upgrade produced very badly (steep and too narrow) stairs leading to the station when coming from the car park, too many reserved and unused staff car spaces, no free customer spaces left when arriving after 6.50am.

Ringwood Less gangs and druggies at night!

Coburg Lighting and better access to the Upfield side of the station. That bluestone cobbled lane is not well lit at all and is very slippery when wet. An accident waiting to happen!

Ivanhoe Lights in the car park often go out and take a while to be replaced- needs better maintenance.

Greensborough Local minibus services. Local area is very hilly. This would reduce need for car parking, reduce traffic in congested roads, and improve access to public transport for older residents.

Canterbury Maintenance (panels near seats) and cleaning (seats and tracks).

Royal Park Maintenance of the ticketing systems. MYKI machine never works.

Blackburn Make entire platform a smoke free zone.

Mount Waverley Make it a hub for police station and convenience stores.

Burwood Making the platforms flatter: people trip up.

Laburnum Metro's new timetable has cancelled 11 peak hour stops at Laburnum which is monstrously inconvenient for workers and Box Hill High School students.

Wattle Glen Miki "touch off" is behind a fence, not at the station exit.

Huntingdale Minimise entrance tunnel flooding.

Deer Park More access points, more services.

Hoppers Crossing More benches and proper lighting.

Mentone More electronic display information sets would be useful particularly at the bus interchange at Mentone showing train and bus times.

Coburg More entry/exits to both platforms. myki machine on southbound platform.

Surrey Hills More express services in PM.

Malvern More express trains stopping from City in peak time, and not just Frankston trains Stopping all stations from city peak times.

Laburnum More express trains. old timetable was better.

Brunswick More frequent trains that go both ways through the loop at peak times.

Sunbury More gates to platforms.

Moreland More myki swipe terminals and more exits.

Fairfield more myki touch pads on platform so there's not a huge jam as a whole trainload of people try to touch off on 2 pads at the 1 point.

Fairfield More MYKI touch pads to reduce congestion at station platform exits.

Glenferrie More Myki validating machines - There are not enough validating machines, and there gets to be a banking up of passengers at peak periods.

Macleod More outdoor shelter.

Werribee More platform level shelter, presently it is very poor and provides little relief from cold weather.

Watergardens More seating.

Eltham More seating along the platform, not only in the waiting room.

Huntingdale More seats.

Malvern More seats and more bins.

Rosanna More seats are needed at city stations.

Balaclava More ticket machines. You can miss the train waiting. Also there is very poor lighting along the path to and from the station and I don’t feel safe.

Clifton Hill More touch off scans for Myki.

Laburnum More train services in the morning peak.

Eltham More trains.

Hawksburn More trains.

Highett More trains and buses.

Batman More trains every 20 min in peak hour is ridiculous.

Mont Albert More trains!

Merlynston More Trains!

Hurstbridge More trees.

Merri More vegetation and landscaping.

Watsonia More car parking.

Bayswater Moving on of unsociable persons.

Regent Multiple Entrances Exits, moving of ticketing equipment away from entrances/exits to enable better dispersion of passengers leaving the station.

Footscray Need accurate real time announcements, not misleading announcements.

McKinnon Needs to be modernised as it looks very tired and dirty (paint, new and more seating etc).

Sunshine No smoke laws to be enforced.

South Yarra No smoking anywhere.

Nunawading Nothing.

Werribee On platform train arrival and departure information; reliable information about which platform trains are arriving on.

Bayswater Open at all times when trains are running.

Flagstaff Open at weekends!

Heatherdale Operational ticket machines.

Fairfield Our station staff - who are there in the morning, are fantastic. More like them! They assist passengers and make the station feel like part of a community. They should be there all day!

Reservoir Parking restrictions enforced. The car park is dangerous and unsafe to park in and walk through.

Reservoir Parking signs are simply not enforced by staff creating an unsafe area to drive and park cars in. Staff are rude and unhelpful.

Merlynston Pave the car park- it's a mud bowl.

Yarraville Pedestrian under or overpass.

Yarraville Pedestrian underpass or overpass of tracks.

Ringwood East PID (Information on how many minutes to next train).

Clifton Hill Proper turnstiles to enter platforms.

Werribee Proper usable toilets.

Murrumbeena Railway line separation from Murrumbeena Road.

Cranbourne Rain proof shelters.

Box Hill Reconfigured platform layout, improved lighting, simpler connectivity with buses and trams, emergency exits, staff on platforms not in coffee shops.

Montmorency Recycling facilities including "compost" bins, more than one train track.

Tecoma Regularly see used tampons and condoms on platform. Place is filthy, uncared for, unwelcoming, unsheltering, needs staff and a good paint.

Mitcham Renovate buildings (slippery floors are dangerous), better designed car park/bus terminus, remove level crossing.

Flinders Street Requires a train shed over all platforms to protect travellers. Threatening behaviour by drunks and druggies should be policed. Beautification program needed North Carlton station on Doncaster line. Or divert Epping and Hurstbridge.

Balaclava Restore access ramps or steps from the south in addition to current northern. Carlisle St access.

Glen Waverley Restricted platform access/exit, bus area is poorly designed.

Strathmore Re-surface the platforms to be flat.

Glenhuntly Re-surfacing and widening of the approach ramp

Parkdale Rubbish bins are often overflowing (opp Pizza Hut). Area needs landscaping particularly on the "down" side near the boom gates/bus shelter. So much is spent on Mentone station however Parkdale is the poor cousin.

Ormond Safe access to North road bus to Elwood.

Jewell Screen based up to date information on services (e.g. delays), waiting room opened, more seats, beautification (e.g. flower beds).

Carnegie Screen with train arrival information rather than just the press button which cannot be heard.

Croxton Seating.

Canterbury Secured bike racks like those at Surry Hills Station.

Glenroy Security at night, better lighting, more attractive appearance, more activity near the station to feel safer.

Ormond Shop/newsagency/coffee stall.

Alphington Signage that is useful - tell me when my train is coming, not when it should come.

Westgarth Signs to show when next train is coming.

Albion Some communication when train late/cancelled. Kiosk or drink machine.

Heathmont Someone manning the station to buy tickets from.

Westgarth Sometimes I think cautionary signs could be put on the footbridge that warn people of how dangerously slippery this bridge is if it's frosty. Westgarth station has just had its platforms re-bitumened so I don't think locals could complain too much.

Southern Cross Staff who know something about the stations environmental credentials e.g. what is done about harvesting rain water.

Hawthorn Staff; shelter at the end of the platform where I wait with my bike.

Thornbury Staffing, not guards.

Altona Station is forgotten about and has less services as of 2011.

Elsternwick Station needs more security and more comfortable seating on the platform other than plain stainless steel benches.

Sandringham Stop skateboarders, illegal drop-off/pick-up drivers and graffiti.

Essendon Stopping people smoking under cover and in the underpass!

Heidelberg Stopping teenagers from urinating in the access tunnels.

Canterbury The approaches to the station are substandard.

Heatherdale The car park is across the road not by the station itself, it is not lit at night or monitored and is scary in the dark.

Laverton The new pedestrian overpass on Railway Ave side, funnels pedestrians into the car parking area causing conflicts between cars and pedestrians.

Ardeer The platform is in a poor state and large puddles form during rain.

Hallam The platform is too narrow that during peak hour, if I am trying to move further down the platform (weaving in and out) I feel that one small push I will fall onto the tracks. The shelter also has some shortcomings with poor lighting & very small shelters.

Collingwood The ticket machines that are reliable, fast, and with easy to see screens. I have had to pay hundreds of dollars before because of a fine due to ineffective machines.

Werribee The toilets are filthy and scary. Not the fault of the cleaners, it's the age and condition of the facilities.

The trees have been very heavily pruned. These provided shelter from the sun and rain. We can't all shelter under the main station canopy.

Sunshine The underpass, although it has cameras, is dark, dingy and unsafe.

Burnley The whole station looks like a dump and feels very unsafe at night.

Richmond The whole station needs an upgrade and the cafe area is horrible - unattractive, smelly, food scraps and packages left everywhere. Needs a Myki machine at the front end of the station!

Brighton Beach There are toilets at the station, but leave a bit to be desired.

Dandenong there aren't enough toilet facilities and they are filthy. The whole station needs a good gurney and scrub. bike lockers needed.

Greensborough There is plenty of parking, but it is restricted time, so needs to be unlimited.

Flinders St There should be a board at Flinders St at all entrances that shows when the next train to Richmond/South Yarra etc, is (like the boards they have at Richmond Station and Parliament & Melb Central).

South Kensington There's also a great area for a kiosk!

St Albans This is a horrible station with a lot of 'undesirable' people accosting you and being a nuisance.

Bentleigh This is a 'premium’ station and while all above are attended to it looks and feels shabby like most stations. Having a reliable and frequent services is more important to me. Since the 2010 timetable changes, loss of express trains to CBD fewer passengers.

Bentleigh This station has killed a couple of people we knew one of them an underpass or preferably a bridge for a the train or cars.

Jewell This station is so bad I think it is a candidate for replacement with something aligned with modern standards.

Ripponlea Ticket conductors on site.

Clifton Hill Toilets and staff on both platforms.

Essendon Toilets need upgrading, difficult to wash hands with taps that don't stay on. Need times of upcoming trains on display at bottom of ramp so passengers know how long they have till next train b4 they reach top of ramp.

East Richmond Trains should stop there occasionally.

Yarraville Underground pass.

Murrumbeena Undergrowth cleaned away from station precinct, it is dark and formidable. As an older commuter who uses the trains at night, walking to my cat is the worst part of the trip. Scrub overhanging, bushes near toilets etc. Very unsafe.

Yarragon Upgrades to the gardens- smaller plants so you can see past them.

Tecoma Used tampons and condoms regularly on platform, sheltered areas locked off. Station is disgusting - filthy, uncared for, needs staff, cleaning and a good paint!

Syndal Way more frequent and co-ordinated bus connections, and improving bicycle access to the station via dedicated paths.

Bulleen-Doncaster We don't have a train station in our area. This makes travelling increasingly difficult for family/friends to visit and for us to travel to work. We need a train station in our area. The government has been planning this since the 1960's. It's time!

Southern Cross We need accurate real time announcements. I had been mislead by the screen announcements and staff for too many times.

Carrum When at the end of the platform we cannot hear the announcements.

Southern Cross When entering the station from the bus depot/Docklands Stadium end, there's no way to see immediately when the next train to Flinders St, Richmond, City loop is - you have to check every screen. There should be a board like they have at Richmond Station.

Westgarth When waiting for the train going away from the city, there is no seating that is undercover in winter or shaded in summer! Quite unacceptable!

Balaclava Width of platform.

Laverton Working paths to bus stop.

Flinders St Would be convenient to be able to see what platform your train goes from but no signage exists after going through the barriers - very helpful! This station is filthy and in serious disrepair- it leaks like a bucket with holes during rain.

Hoppers Crossing You can miss a train if Vline or freight trains are coming past (sometimes they take 5 - 10 minutes) and the boom gates stay down. An entrance to the station that is an underpass or overpass would make it better.

Kooyong You should add improved pedestrian access as an option.

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