05 May 2009

Hooray for South Morang – at last

Melbourne councils reacted positively to today’s state budget spending on public transport.

Metropolitan Transport Forum spokesperson, Cr Janet Bolitho, said the budget delivered on the first commitments announced last year in the Victorian Transport Plan.

‘We particularly welcome the South Morang rail extension, and the additional funding for buses and cycling,’ she said.

‘The South Morang rail extension will bring better public transport to Melbourne’s rapidly growing North.’

Cr Bolitho said that the budget was definitely going in the right direction. ‘This is good but we still face overcrowded trains and trams.’

Cr Bolitho said that vital projects like Tarneit rail extension (as recommend by the Eddington Report) were still waiting for federal funding.

‘With more and more people turning to public transport, it is crucial that federal infrastructure money flows to urban public transport projects.’

‘Federal funding or not, it is crucial that more is done by the state to ease commuter crowding on trains and trams,’ Cr Bolitho said

What do you think?

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D A Nichols said...

how about doncaster? each morning i catch the bus down the eastern and it is bumper-to-bumper for kilometres. is there any plan to run a train out to the east? or even introduce more busses and car parks along the eastern, allowing a 'park and ride' type facility?