21 March 2009

The Age says Kosky should go. What do you think?

It’s not been a good year for the embattled Minister For Public Transport, Lynne Kosky. First there was the summer meltdown of the train system, then buck passing about who was at fault, followed by the revelation that only one of the promised new trains would arrive before year’s end.
Now The Age has revealed surprising government data about passengers numbers - Melbourne's big squeeze.
Today’s editorial in The Age left nothing to the imagination. ‘It is time for her to go,’ they concluded.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Never in the history of public transport has so much been promised so often and so little delivered.

Apologies to Mr Churchill.

Anonymous said...

It's not her fault. Kennett absolutely ruined the system and it's never recovered. We were warned privatisation would do this to the system, and it did !