16 September 2008

... it must be awful to be a driver on these buses

I want to talk about buses. I regularly get 201 from Box Hill (East Balwyn for me) to the Carlton Elgin/Lygon run. I go to volunteer at a bookshop. I attend once a week.

The buses run every 25 mins. They are rarely on time. Not the poor
drivers fault because the bus runs are awful. There is a bus stop about every 50/60 meters with one person who needs to give money. It so
slow. It takes about 45 mins to drop me at Victoria and Lygon and another 25mins down to the back of Myers for the rest of the poor buggers.

Coming home it is even slower - lots of students Uni and high schools.
Just about every stop from Kew onwards is used. The whole journey is noisy, slow and it must be awful to be a driver on these buses.

Sincerely yours.

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