30 July 2008

Monash gets on line to get campus on track

A Facebook group and an online petition aimed at Uni students is the latest tool in a campaign to improve public transport in Melbourne's East.

The MTF, a coalition Melbourne councils, has launched an online petition supporting a new rail line to Rowville including a service to Monash University's Clayton campus.

The petition was launched by Monash Uni Vice president administration Peter Marshall, Knox Mayor Cr Jim Penna, student activist Patrick Fitzgerald and pt4me2 spokesperson Cr Janet Rice.

Sign the petition here


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a facility to vote NO to the Huntingdale to Rowville rail link?

It's bad enough that we are surrounded by decrepit factories around the Huntingdale/Oakleigh South/Clayton area. Now we'll have to hear trains running up and down North Rd. as well. No thanks.

How about rezoning the industrial area to accomodate student housing and aleviate the housing shortage? We do need an upgrade of our train network but why don't we bring the people closer to work/uni?

Anonymous said...

The train line should connect with a station somewhere between Caulfield and Hughesdale, so that the train can run past Chadstone shopping centre as well. It's a nightmare trying to get there by bus.