16 July 2008

Climate change and public demand must be the deciding factor in tunnel vision

The MTF has come out against an East – West Road tunnel in a submission to the Government’s Eddington study.

Cr Fristacky said the MTF did not support the recommendation for the road tunnel because it was wrong economically, wrong for congestion, and wrong for a climate change driven future.

'Melburnians want and need more public transport – they are voting with their feet for more services.'

'A Doncaster rail line should be part of the solution to support public transport in Melbourne's key eastern corridor.’

Cr Fristacky said the terms of the Eddington study were too narrow. 'Melbourne needs a metropolitan-wide transport plan for the next 30-50 years. We need a plan that gets freight and people moving, as Melbourne's population grows.’

Cr Fristacky said the MTF supported the public transport recommendations of the Eddington study, provided they were not at the expense of current public transport commitments.

'We need to act now to keep Melbourne moving in a climate challenged world,' she said.

Read the MTF submission executive summary and media release

The Government has been inundated with pro-public transport submissions.
Cr Jackie Fristacky, said these submissions overwhelmingly supported public transport. ‘There is a groundswell of concern about Melbourne’s transport future and the public clearly want to have their say.’

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