31 May 2008

Say YES to the best for the WEST

Melbourne's West deserves the best in public transport. That why pt4me2 has joined with Wyndham, Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley councils to get your support for important public transport projects in the West, including:

  • Tarneit rail link

  • Better buses and better connections

  • Bacchus Marsh and Sunbury electrification.

You can support these by joining our online petition.

Almost everyone agrees that better public transport is important. With Melbourne growing by over 1000 people every week, it’s clear that more and better public transport is essential.

It’s good that the Brumby Labor Government has plans for the biggest investment in transport since World War II (see The Age report: Brumby to steer transport plan). But many in the community remain concerned that public transport projects are taking too long and may not reach the people that need them most.

We want the Brumby Labor Government to bring forward existing public transport projects, commit to new projects and accelerate plans to move freight off local roads and onto rail.

How would you improve public transport in the West?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was born in Melton and lived there until 2003. During that time I commuted to the city for work. I endured overcrowded trains; delayed trains; cancelled trains (replaced with coaches); trains sitting in the middle of nowhere for ages waiting for another train to pass so we could use the tracks; and having to wait 30 minutes for another train if I missed one (or an hour when off peak). Then if I wanted to stay in the city after work to socialise with my colleagues I couldn't stay later than 9:30pm because that was the last train to Melton. And this is just the VLine service on weekdays. Going to the football or a concert on a weekend was simply not an option on public transport. As soon as I could afford it I left Melton and the main reason I left is because it was too inconvenient to live there. I now live in the inner west where I have access to suburban trains, trams and buses. I think the best first step would be to duplicate the tracks to Bacchus Marsh immediately followed by electrifying the line. People in Deer Park, a suburb just 30 minutes from the city, have to catch a country train from a platform in the middle of nowhere. That is the closest "station" for Caroline Springs, Burnside estate and Deer Park residents!!! Improving infrastructure would go a long way to reducing the traffic chaos on the Westgate Freeway and allow the people of the west to travel more conveniently and, oh dear, maybe even improve the value of their property!