06 May 2008

Extra public transport funding welcome but inadequate says local government

Local government is right behind better funding for public transport in the Victorian budget said Metropolitan Transport Forum Chair Cr Jackie Fristacky.

‘The $10.4 M for design work on the Epping rail extension to South Morang is long awaited good news,’ she said. ‘this should go to the end of the old line to Whittlesea’.

Other good news was the funding for track capacity improvements at Laverton and Westall stations.

But Cr Fristacky said dealing with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions was only token in the budget.

‘Road based transport is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. To meet greenhouse targets we need to get more freight off roads and much more substantial investment in public transport.

‘Where is the level of public transport funding that will reduce congestion, provide better services and cut greenhouse emissions?’

‘The extra $700 million for public transport is welcome but grossly inadequate when compared to the $8 B in rail projects identified in the Eddington Report.

‘Despite over $1B funding to alleviate social disadvantage, the State Government has not grasped the crucial role of public transport in giving more people affordable access to jobs and services.

‘Low income families in growth areas are being forced into multiple car ownership because of the failure of the government to adequately fund and expand public transport to keep pace with Melbourne’s growth.’


Nury Gordillo said...

I would like to know why serious investment in public transport seems to be out of the state and federal government.
Public transport would help to
cut greenhouse emmissions (a government objective),
to reduce the housing crisis (people would contemplate living away from the city if trains got them to work on time),
to reduce the living costs for everyone but specially for the low paid (no two cars, no high petrol prices),
to reduce the demand for petrol and might slow the increase in petrol prices that is affecting all our farmers (including price of fertilizers),

How come our politicians are missing all these huge benefits of investing in public transport????

I seriously don't understand!!!!

bushi said...

It's all about business in Parliament House (state and federal). God knows how many lobbyists and business people trawl those corridors, looking after their own backs.

Affordable public transport is particularly in need for Melbourne fringe suburbs, especially with expensive petrol prices.