15 February 2008

pt4me2 – transport for you and me too - our new charter

Melbourne is growing and more people need transport. With concern about climate change and rising petrol prices, Melbourne’s growth is not sustainable without more and better public transport.

pt4me2 imagines a Melbourne that’s growing, but growing greener. We see more people catching public transport, cycling and walking; fewer trucks on our roads, more freight on rail; and fewer kilometres travelled by car and truck even with population growth.

Better public transport is crucial to the future of Melbourne and the planet

Public transport should:
· be fast, frequent, reliable, affordable and safe;
· grow as Melbourne grows;
· be available to all Melbournians;
· and be managed as an integrated, co-ordinated network.

This means bringing forward existing public transport projects, committing to new projects and accelerating programs to move freight off our roads and onto rail.

Public transport should better serve the public … for a change

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

New incentives to use p/t should be implemented to target car fanatics (uncommitted p/t users).
ie. more discounted tix, mobile coffee carts at stations, free morning travel till 9.00am, def. more car spaces at station car parks.

We could take a lesson from subways in New York - always free entertainment on trains - rappers, jugglers, comedians. Invite 'celebrities' to do morning and evening stints on busy trains - lighten the load for commuters.