21 December 2007

Trams are important too says Rebecca from Carlton North

I think that pt4me2 is a good idea, however can we please focus more on trams. Trains get all the attention but the trams are in a terrible state as well. I live within 5km from the city on the 96 tram route, yet the trams are always late, very late, so packed that you can’t get on or they break down (a lot). To pay (next year) $3.50 for such a short journey of poor quality is unbelievable. No wonder everyone is choosing to drive and our roads are so clogged. We need a big campaign on transport in Melbourne. I work out at Monash University in Clayton where PT is basically non-existent so everyone drives. The Monash freeway is dangerous and often completely clogged inbound and outbound in the peak times. A rail link to Monash (the biggest University in Vic) is essential I believe to the future of this city.

Thank you for your efforts in this area.
Rebecca, Carlton North


Reuben van Bemmel said...

Don't think I'm making a cheap political point here, but Labor and the Liberals cannot manage public transport or indeed the whole portfolio of transport as a whole. For one thing, they've never heard of 'network planning', they seem to be eager to make commuting difficult for us and waste taxpayers money on prodigal and nonexistent capacity problems. Public transport needs to be returned to the public hands. I'm not against privatisation, but for certain things (public transport and the police force for instance), it is just plain thick.
Tram stops need to be built and strict priority for trams at any intersection needs to be implemented (cars are, logically, inefficient and should be treated as such).

text_er said...

Have you seen the Tram Exercise idea on this blog by Tom Culver


As he says 'it's fun, helps global warming, gets me ready for work, and is a treat for my back and hands'

Andrew said...

Yes trams are important but this website and blog is about the Donaster corridor, which isnt close to either trams or trains. Trams and trains are ideally suited to different markets and cater for different types of trips. i think the real competitior for potential rail trips on th doncaster rail corrisor are the bus services along the eastern freeway, there is perhaps scope to improve these services, some o the operating speeds along the bus lanes are comparable with rail too !!

Anonymous said...

Protest against the bikes-on-trains ban:

tramlover2000 said...

Yes trams are important, and need to be given greater priority on the street. Why has it taken 5 years to build a handful of superstops ? Why havnt we got right-turn arrows at each intersection already ? Or even easier, hook-turns at every intersection parallel with a tram (where no right turn arrow exists, but actually a hook-turn is even better).

Anonymous said...

I think all roads with a tramline should get rid of on-street parking during business hours. I'm not against people driving cars, but clogging up major streets with parked cars is a waste.