14 March 2013

Doncaster rail study released

Here is the PTV video on the preferred route for Doncaster rail

Here is link to the summary of the Doncaster Rail study released today.

In short the study finds the best option to be:

A Rapid Transit alignment, from the Doncaster Park-and-Ride to the CBD via the Eastern 
Freeway and connecting to Collingwood station, has been found to be the most viable 
of the route options considered.

The alignment would feature stations at Doncaster Park-and-Ride, Thompsons Road (Bulleen) and Kew Chandler Highway, before joining the existing line at Collingwood station and on to Flinders Street.

This would cost between $3 - $5 billion. The estimated travel time is 25 minutes. The study assumes that the rail will be in use in 2021.

It rules out taking the rail to Doncaster hill because:
"The prohibitive cost (estimated to be up to $1 billion) and limited additional
patronage provided by the link between Doncaster Hill and the Doncaster
Park-and-Ride leads the study team to conclude that a connection to
Doncaster Hill is not warranted at this stage. The current DART bus services
should instead be reconfigured to feed the new Doncaster Park-and-Ride
station. DART could provide a connection between these points at a peak
frequency equating to a bus every two minutes"
The study invites community feedback until 26 April.

Here what Terry Mulder said in his media release

What do you think?

1 comment:

TranzitJim said...

How can it be possible to cost 3 to 5b?

I mean, three stations should cost no more than $5m each, and track built on the existing freeway should only be $2m per km.

25 minute round trip, should require no more than 7x 6 car sets for a 10 minute frequency. so 7 x $10M = $70M

You should get the whole project done for less than $100,000,000 AUD

For $300,000,000 I would expect the line to follow the freeway all the way to Ringwood