10 September 2012

More tolls says Transurban CEO - fancy that!

From: The Australian September 07, 2012 

Transurban CEO pushes variable prices on roads and public transport

THE chief executive of the nation's largest toll-road operator has called for the introduction of variable pricing on Australian roads and public transport to help fund future infrastructure spending, manage demand and promote public transport alternatives in Australia's cities.

Transurban chief executive Scott Charlton told The Australian this morning that the current amounts road users paid to access the nation's road network did not accurately reflect when, where and how frequently they accessed the road network.

His comments, coming only weeks after he took over as CEO, are the most the most outspoken ever by Transurban on what is a highly controversial and politicised issue.

“The time is quickly coming when the one-size-fits-all approach in this country simply will not work,'' he said ahead of an address to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia's (IPA) annual conference in Melbourne.

“It is common sense; every other utility has some sort of demand pricing component,” he said. “As we start to manage these road networks as a whole rather than as individual pieces, this has to be looked at.''

However Mr Charlton stressed that public transport had to be included in any network pricing scheme to ensure fairness and real choices for the travelling public.

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