07 August 2012

Youth of Wyndham speak up for better buses

Wyndham City’s Youth Task Force (YTF) have released a report which outlines the problems our young people face when it comes to buses.

As part of the report, the YTF surveyed 150 young people who use buses in Wyndham and held two forums to discuss bus travel.
The report highlighted lack of frequency, coordination and real time information, as well as no public transport services in large parts of the municipality as major problems with buses in Wyndham.
Suggestions from young people included:
When young people were given the opportunity to wave their magic wand and create their ultimate public transport world the following things were listed: more affordable, friendly bus drivers, buses to run on time and every twenty minutes, safe, clean and tidy, more seats on buses, emergency phones at stops, drivers to stop for waiting passengers, longer running timetables, friendly and colourful bus helters, more buses, more routes and free transport when buses are not running on time.

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