09 March 2011

Minister Mulder and Guy's presentations at the MTF launch 9 March 2011


On the 100th day of the Ballieu Government, Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder gives a brief overview of his plans for public transport for Melbourne.

Minister Mulder committed to supporting the Regional Rail Link stating this was an important project and he will do everything he can for this project to proceed. He also set out commitments to implementation of key electoral promises:
• Public Transport Development Authority
• Protective service officers at rail stations
• New timetable for the Frankston line to Werribee
• Rail station upgrades with full accessibility including DDA compliant ramps to enable access when lifts out of action
• 10 Grade separations of level crossings
• Studies for Doncaster and Rowville rail

A new commitment was setting up a Taxi Industry Commission (outside DOT) in lieu of the Taxi Directorate in DOT, given the very low customer satisfaction with existing arrangements. Full consultation with industry over structural reform to the taxi hire set up.

Minister for Planning, Mathew Guy, spoke about the integration of planning and transport. His comments include new growth areas and the role of loacl government.

Minister Guy spoke of his enthusiasm for the Planning portfolio in terms of city shaping, including:
• Opportunities for development in inner Melbourne, like no other capital city in Australia
• lessons learned from the Southbank re urban development
• Urban Renewal Authority to work closely with Melbourne and Port Phillip Councils re Fishermen’s Bend 240 hectares
• Work on a new Metropolitan Planning Policy (building on M2030)
• Support for development of regional cities
• committed to working closely with and learning from local government.

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