02 November 2010

Opposition pledges Doncaster rail line study

CUP DAY: The odds of a Doncaster rail link have shortened after the State opposition announced a $6.5m feasibility study into the rail link.

According to The Age, planning for a new rail line to Doncaster will begin if the Opposition wins the state election. The reported that Opposition leader Ted Baillieu said a $6.5 million study would begin to plan for the new railway.

"The new line would link Doncaster with the city via Clifton Hill ... with consideration of a further link from Doncaster to Ringwood in the east," he said. Read the Opposition's media release

The announcement follows a morning of intense speculation on Twitter after ABC reporter Ryan Shields speculated on the Lib announcement. One Twitter said 'Libs to do a study 4 doncaster line... just take a helicopter ride over the eastern freeway @ 7:30am, study done, build the line.'

Meanwhile, Minister Pakula has Tweeted back, saying 'Government instead pledged to build Doncaster Area Rapid Transit and we have - 6 months early. Now more than 3000 trips per week'.

What do you think? DART vs train, plan vs study?

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