26 June 2010

What Moves You survey results

Thank you Melbourne. The pt4me2 people's poll has closed and we received over 10,700 responses.

We have presented your comments and the final report to the Minister for Public Transport, Opposition Transport spokesperson, Greens transport spokesperson and the Premier's office.

In coming weeks, we'll be publishing their responses to the issues raised.

Here is the summary report of your responses and comments ...

Summary report - 8 pages

Final report - Part one 43 pages

Final report - Part two appendices 270 pages

You are welcome to comment on the survey or the issues - simply click add comment


Ida Tipping said...

I would like to see any changes for us,poor commuters on VLine.Here in Melton we face packed full few carriages trains(sometimes onnly 2)delays, no trains because the ones coming from Bachus Marsh are already full and mostly old red rettlers with no place for bags ,prams etc

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a terrific survey! Hope they're listening....