01 June 2010

Comment on the new bike hire scheme ...

Melbourne's Euro style bike hire scheme has started. Were are interested in your comments.

Have you used the bikes? Are helmets going to be a hassle? Will you use them; often, a lot, never?

Interestingly, its run by the RACV as the Melbourne Bike Share Scheme. They plan to have 600 bikes available from 50 terminals around the CBD (and Melbourne University).

The RACV points to similar schemes overseas where most users are inner city residents who will have helmets.

What could be done to make them better?

Have your say ....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's a fabulous idea, but the whole premise is flawed by the mandatory helmet law. I've used public bike hire in other cities and the great feature of them is that the decision to hire can be spontaneous (gosh, I have to wait 20 minutes for a City Circle train? I'll jump on a bike.). But, sadly, not in Melbourne. Interestingly, the very few other cities who had followed Melbourne into mandating helmet usage are dropping the helmet laws when introducing their public bike hire schemes. This is a research-based decision as international experience has found that the single most effective means of making cycling safer is to promote cycling. Cities with more cyclists are safer for cycling. Mandatory helmets mitigate against this aim.