21 April 2010

More feedback from our inbox

Three cheers for Rosemary at Balaclava station

Despite the various complaints about Balaclava train station, I would like to really commend and thank the ever-cheerful and helpful platform assistant Rosemary who never ceases to keep often disgruntled passengers informed of delays and reasons why. Along with the decent coffee served on the platform, she is the highlight of my start to the day on the train. Cheers it would be great if you could publish some component of this. Susan

To electrify or not electrify? That's the question according to Kylee

I don't believe the question is correct for the Bacchus Marsh line. I believe that most people do not really care whether our line gets electrification from Sunshine to Bacchus Marsh they just want more trains and a reliable service. Many people are happy with Vline (feel safe as there is a conductor) but the services and trains are so outdated. Two to Three trains an hour in peak hour is ridiculous and the fact that Melton is growing faster than China and the population is due to double in 10 years time means that something needs to be done quickly. We don't want out suburb to become a ghetto. We have a suburb being built to accommodate 60,000 - 80,000 people just before Melton (Toolern) and all that is being done in the future is a new train station will be built but nothing on services. The trains are full now. I have lived in Melton for 5 years and have seen no extra services to peak hour. I believe when the Sunbury line is electrified then we will get more trains - but will we get more services! I caught the 6.21am from Melton this morning and still people stand up. It is quite a long journey standing up from Melton to the city.
Just wanted to bring this to your attention re the question being asked as I don't believe you will get a great response to what is being asked.
Thanks for reading. Kylee

Airports - are they up to standard?

Would airports fall into the Transport Forum? I would like to see some debate/discussions/surveys about our airports as well - Tullarmarine and Avalon.

Are the air travel facilities serving Melbourne user friendly at all? Seriously, our image is one of a third world country trying to pass off as a 1st world one.


Not enough bus

I am writing regarding the lack of buses from the Ivanhoe/Eaglemont area to Kew Junction and Camberwell.

As a resident of Eaglemont, I drive to Kew twice daily to take my son to school along with a multitude of other parents, and have done this for the past six years.

My son is 10 years old and could hardly be expected to catch both a train and bus as
well as carry a laptop.

This is an ongoing problem for our community as there are no secondary schools in our area, and all secondary students are required to catch public transport to the schools in the Boroondara area.


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