03 March 2010

Maybe this is what Metro has in mind?

OK, we are only kidding. But after reading that Metro plans to double patronage in just 7 years, we wondered where the extra people would go!

Here's what was reported in The Age: Metro pledges to double rail patronage by 2017

IN A case of history repeating in Melbourne's privatised train system, new operator Metro has promised a massive increase in patronage.

With Melbourne's rush-hour trains already choked with passengers, Metro chief executive Andrew Lezala yesterday promised to double patronage on the system by 2017.

Read the full story by Clay Lucas

What's your reaction to the idea of doubling train patronage in 7 years? Dream large, nightmare on Flinders Street, a promise to rival Myki promises, or timetabling genius?

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Daniel said...

It's important to realise that most of the growth would NOT be trips into the CBD in peak hour. The majority of CBD trips are already by public transport, and City of Melbourne figures indicate peak CBD commuters will increase by only about 20% in the next ten years.

But lots of people are travelling around Melbourne at other times, so there's great scope to increase patronage then, which is also when there's plenty of track capacity and trains to spare.

Janet said...

a really important and relatively easy part of melbourne to lift public transport use are trips into inner melbourne - the ring of suburbs around melbourne. Whereas about 70% of trips into the heart of the CBD are by PT; only around 30% of trips to and from the inner suburbs are.