23 March 2010

Good ideas from our in-box

What about bike riders, especially on Sundays?

What is being done about the difficulty in taking bicycles on replacement train buses? I was stranded a few weekends ago when trains were replaced with buses and I have travelled to the city with my bike.

Also, why are the train services on Sundays and Public holidays so late starting in the mornings in comparison to Saturdays? The first service on Sunday morning from my local station, Middle Brighton, is not until 7.40am where as on Saturday it is at 5.08am. And usually there are quite a number of people waiting at the station for the arrival of the first train.


Parking at stations

There should be more parking stations for those using trains. I am sure that residents who live in the vicinity of railway stations along with commuters who use trains would appreciate having adequate parking at railway stations. A two part public transport journey is not very practical time wise.
If there were adequate parking stations commuters could park at a station and catch even the most crowded express train to their destination.

Jill and Joy

How long must we wait for Doncaster rail?

We have been rallying for the Doncaster Rail System for some time now and still there is no update.

We have been living in Bulleen for over 5 years. We work in the city and take the bus/drive but there is just too much traffic on the roads. This is both stressful, time consuming (it takes forever) and isolating. There are times when we wish that we had a rail system in our area and we could just hop onto the train and reduce our travel time and carbon footprint. Also the area is quite isolated as family and friends find it difficult to visit us without a rail system.

Bulleen was promised a tram line in the 60's/70's. It never happened! Bulleen/Doncaster/Templestowe is no longer the small business owner capital of Melbourne. The demographic is ever changing and we are reliant on public transport. It is about time that a rail system was delivered as promised to improve our area. Otherwise, i find it difficult to imagine that this would be an area that families would want to live in long term.

Please note that Oakleigh is further from the city than Bulleen and it is only a 25 minute train ride into the city. In comparison Bulleen takes double the time by bus ride and is closer to the city.

Enough is enough and we are exhausted and i would like to see a Doncaster Rail System in my lifetime.



What about post-grads?

Great work on the website - great work on the surveys.

One thing I'd love to see added to the agenda is to allow access to
concession public transport fares for full-time post-graduate students.

Postgraduate students in other states already receive access to
concession transport. Victoria is the only state that refuses to foster
the growth of educated and talented members of its society. Not only
are we denied any form of income support (Austudy, Rent Assistance) but
we are also denied concession transport.

It's any wonder that there is a post-graduate sector in Victoria at all!

Thanks for listening.

I should really send this to my local parliamentary rep.


Good idea: lost but not forgotten

About 7 years ago a Bentleigh resident took up a petition for a direct bus service between Bentleigh/McKinnon and Southland. There were 300 signatures on the petition which was sent to Glen Eira Council and never heard of again. Last year I attended a meeting with local member Rob Hudson and several local residents regarding this proposal. We have heard nothing. I have contacted two local bus companies and they are extremely interested in running this bus service. We also contacted the local Glen Eira Council, met with a councillor, Jamie Hyams, who said that he couldn't understand why there wasn't this particular bus service. Local residents who don't drive (and there are many) and who don't live near a train station are completely stuck. A public transport "workshop" was held in Moorabbin and ironically, because there was no bus service to Southland, none of us could attend. Every visitor I have comments that they never see buses running in the area. There is something terribly wrong when people's basic needs are ignored.


Anonymous said...

I have lived in this great city since the 70’s, I moved here from the UK.
When I look back I need to ask what has happened to what was once a very good public transport system!

I travel on local buses, trams and the metropolitan train services each weekday. The major issue with the Victorian public transport system has been successive inactive state governments, not acting on much needed improvements to the system. This includes the rolling stock both trams and trains, track and point and signal systems for rail services and bus services that provide adequate service to some of the outer suburbs of Melbourne. The present government have been the most lack lustre in their approach to the importance of the public transport system.

There has been little or no consideration of the growth and spread of this city. I would suggest rather than the Premier and his tribe of nodding yes men being present for photographic and media scrum at the launch of a New (late) train and the unveiling of a new operator, that he and some of his hangers on start to use the system, rather than the government fleet cars to get to and from work and appointments each day.

He also needs to look back on some of the statements and promises both he and his transport ministers have issued over the past 5 years. It has all been SPIN. The electorate of Victoria is sick of the bull, all talk very little action.

As for Miki what a Joke, in the real world if I were to purchase an item that did not work I would demand a refund.

It is time for Victorians to make our Politicians accountable for what they are payed to do no more excuses Mr Brumby.

Diamond Creek

Anonymous said...

Why does the Doncaster line have to go via the freeway? Can't it be built as a branch off the Hurtsbridge line at Heidelberg. After the station, running (cut-and-cover - or even elevated tack, which seems to used a lot overseas) along; Burgundy - Templesstowe - Reynolds to Templesstowe.

Or after Eaglemont station, running under Banksia - Manningham - King to Doncaster East.

It would mean building about 10Km less line along a freeway which would only have a few stations, saving hundreds of millions dollars, provide a more frequent service on the inner city end of the Hurtsbridge line, plus run into the loop.

Is there any insurmountable reason why this is not possible?

Anonymous said...

In regards to the bicycle comment, this needs to be looked at in a broader sense. The new trains are not friendly to bycycles at all (where as the older models allowed you to 'hook' the bike on the door rail), my train line is frequented by cyclists and also by people in mobility aids. And there is always a struggle to fit them on.

I have seen 3-4 mobility aided passengers crammed into a peak hour train.

Another time I've seen a family with 2 bicyles and a pram and then a person with a mobility aid also had to get on. This kind of cramming in such a small area of the train is just unmanagable.


Better organisation of space and allocated space is required on trains to improve services to these commuters.