08 December 2008

Transport plan: Where’s the greenhouse emission reduction?

Where’s the greenhouse emission reduction? Where’s the rail to Rowville or Doncaster? Where are the extra tram lines?

The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) has welcomed the public transport projects and new rolling stock announced in the State transport plan but has questioned a number of crucial gaps.

MTF Chair, Cr Jackie Fristacky, said the plan didn’t do enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport. ‘The transport plan shows minimal change in emissions over the next 30 years. This will need revision if Victoria is going to have any hope of meeting greenhouse emission reduction targets.’

The MTF welcomes the omission of the Eddington east-west road tunnel. But the $5 million allocated to study Hoddle Street flyovers and underpasses, demonstrates confusion over how to deal with congestion, emissions and road safety. ‘Hoddle Street should be a boulevard like St Kilda Road, not an LA style spaghetti junction,’ Cr Fristacky said.

Cr Fristacky said extending the reach of public transport to the rapidly growing outer suburbs is absolutely essential.

‘We applaud the extension to South Morang, Sunbury electrification and the new Tarneit line but we remain very concerned about public transport in the outer east and south east.

‘The plan fails to meet major gaps in public transport. There’s not enough being done to increase the reach, speed and capacity of public transport to the east and south east.’

Cr Fristacky said the MTF has also questioned why there were no extensions to current tram routes.

Here's a link to the government's announcement

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Anonymous said...

I applaud some initiatives too, Jackie. But the Tarneit link is plain stupid if not for its indirect way-of-passage and the land use currently in that area. I would rather see an electrified branch line off from the Werribee (perhaps similar to the Alamein line in terms of structure).
Also, the metro is not a high priority; why are PT4ME2 supporting it ahead of other projects?