05 November 2008

Prof Peter Newman on bus vs rail in Perth

Professor Peter Newman explains the decision of transport authorities to opt for rail over bus when they wanted to expand their public transport. See part 2 for the rest of the story.


RVB said...

It'd be amusing if Lynne Kosky believes its too 'socialist' or too 'weak' to just invest in rail, blissfully unaware that the very same party that she is a member of is building lines in Perth.

Anonymous said...

Please come to Melbourne and build us a train in Doncaster. Save us from our slow, smelly & cramped buses.

Anonymous said...

Perth is a great example of improving a cities public transport system from scratch. ie. Perth never had trains lines, that is why they have spent so much money. Investment in Melbourne's trains is crticaslly important, but I am absolutely sick of the Perth example.