03 April 2008

You’d expect greenhouse gas reductions in a modern transport plan

Sir Rod’s Investing in Transport plan is certainly full of big ideas - $18 billion dollars worth! Supposedly it has something for everyone – a tunnel here, a rail line there, a rapid bus line called a DART.

But there were a few things missing …

> Rail to Doncaster - missing
> South Morang line extension – missing
> Epping North extension – missing

But most disturbingly, reductions in Greenhouse gas emission are missing.

This was neatly described in Royce Millar’s analysis in The Age.

Would you like greenhouse reductions with your transport plan?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The most hilarious aspect about the report is the supposed 'balance between road and rail' when a poignant $1.4 billion more is added to roads and all rail funding goes to gratuitous nonsense like a freight/Vline train to a green wedge/paddock/Port Phillip prison and the tunnel away from traffic flow. When are these flagrant imbeciles going to sacked? Never - but that's Kosky for you.