17 October 2007

New train timetable: Send a message

Have your say about the new train timetable and we’ll pass your comments onto the Public Transport Minister Lyn Kosky.

Are the extra peak hour services reducing overcrowding? Are you more likely to get a seat? Is it making train travel more attractive?

Or are the extra services just a drop in the ocean? Is getting a seat still an impossible dream? Are peak hour trains still like sardine cans?

Have your say before 31 October and it will be included in our next report to the Government.

Comment on the blog or SMS 0428 pt4me2 (0428 784 632)


Anonymous said...

The answers to our transport problems are already out there. Just ask the Public Transport Users Association.

And Kosky, the bogus capacity crisis is really irritating. Stop lying and start representing your constituents. You can start by ousting Connex.

Cr Steve Stefanopoulos said...

Although I was looking forward to the new time table, it doesn't seem to have done a hell of a lot in terms of the peak hour crush in the inner city.

Its impossible to get a seat on a train at Malvern or any other inner city station (Armadale, Toorak & Hawksburn) in Stonnington on the Frankston/Cranbourne/Pakenham lines. And at times, its also impossible to even get on a train. The same situation occurs at Windsor and Prahran stations. Grrr

So even though we have a few more extra trains in the AM peak, its clearly obvious that we need more.

Liz said...

I was very excited about the new train services for Yarraville, but I've heard most of them are packed solid when they arrive, so people are being left on the platform.

Has anyone experienced this?

I'm thinking of sitting on the platform one morning and counting the number of people left behind.

text_er said...

Great idea Liz (counting people left behind) - even easier you could take a picture with your mobile phone and email it to info@pt4me2.org.au

Janet said...

I don't understand why the new timetable has meant that the 6.11pm train from Footscray to the city has now become the 6.15. It means there is now a 15 minute gap between trains from Footscray at a very busy time. Surely this wasn't necessary?

Anonymous said...

I have been a resident of Donvale/Doncaster since 1966 and I have continually heard about this rail line since about 1969. I comute to and from the city each day from the park and ride and leave rather early each day so as not to be in a crowded bus. Coming home at night is not a pleasant journey. At certain times the buses are so crowded passengers are sitting on the floor. More often than not they are late leaving the city.

With the opening of East Link and the building of new houses and apartments in the city of Manningham and beyond our roads will be clogged. Fortunately or unfortunately however you look at it the City has grown quicker than the infrastructure.

I would very much like to see the rail in Doncaster.

Penn said...

on the Upfield line, nothing much has changed. still a 20 minute service in peak time, which is pathetic

Richard Kervin said...

Connex issued press releases and put up posters advertising how the timetables have grown but when I contacted them they admitted there are NO NEW SERVICES on the Frankston line. The part-time station hosts at my station were too embarrassed to put up posters which contained outright lies.

Everyone knows the trains have been overcrowded for years. Why do we have to wait until 2009/10 for a handful of new trains? Because the government DOES NOT CARE about either the commuting public or the environment.

How many millions of dollars are being wasted on a toll-way from Ringwood to Frankston? There is no demand for this road, just a desire by Vic Roads to have a complete "ring" around the city to look pretty on a map. (Oh, the presence of the new road will generate traffic though... and carbon dioxide.) Spending one-tenth of this money on rail and trams would make a real difference.

Anonymous said...

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