12 September 2007

Have your say about the new timetable

Details of the long awaited new train timetable have been announced. The timetable offers 39 extra services per day across the whole network. Follow this link to Connex for the new timetable or to Metlink a list of new services. What difference will these changes make to you?

In October, after you've experienced the timetable working, we’ll be conducting an SMS poll about the new timetable. Watch this space and get your mobiles ready.


Anonymous said...

As an ardent public transport supporter, I find the status quo debilitating. Without explaining in too much detail, I can safely say that the websites below can:


and www.ptua.org.au

I don't represent either of these organisations, but I do espouse their views.

Connex Whinger said...

Q: What difference will these changes make to you?


I rarely go into the city by train any more, choosing the bus instead. However I do use the train going home. There's an extra two services in the morning and no more in the evening.

In the evening, the only difference to the Sandy line is a handful of trains depart one minute earlier than they did on the old timetable. But since they can be up to six minutes late and still be on time©®™, I'm unconvinced that this one minute change will even be noticeable. In other words, it'll be the Mumbai Express for the next couple of years at least!

Sharon Carpenter said...

None to me either! (Hi CW!)

The only new AM service on the werribee line is a pre-7am trian. Geez, I wonder why they put a new train on ast that time of day?

Perhaps they knew in advnace of the Brumby plan to give ppl free travel before 7am. No, would I be that cynical?

Oh, and that new service is a limited express and bypasses Altona station altoghter!

Window-dressing and not even that really! Very unhappy.