27 August 2007

Public transport for a change

Every kilometre travelled using public transport, rather than by car, saves around three kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Tackling greenhouse gases seriously means making alternatives to cars more attractive, not just for commuting but for leisure and routine travel.

To maintain transport greenhouse emissions at today’s levels in 2020, we need to increase public transport use to at least 20% of trips (up from the current 9%).

Do you think the government is doing enough to attract people to public transport and help reduce greenhouse gas pollution? What more should they do? Share your ideas at pt4me2 ...

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Carl said...

We need a simple, cost effective solution to a complex problem. One solution can provide many other problems down the pipeline.

I've been 30+ years for the Scorsby/Eastlink freeway to be build - how can the Doncaster rail be a priority?

I don't understand why we can't have a super stop in Clifton Hill, where the buses meet the trains during peak times.

The idea is simple, branch the rail track down to the freeway to meet the buses at a super stop.

Trains would be express from the super stop to the city using the existing tracks between Victoria Park and Flinders Street. Given the short distance, the impact to the existing load could be aborbed.

This idea is using the existing rail and bus network more effectively, without significant investment, and could be done relevately quickly.

If anyone was serious about a solution, they should think about expanding my idea